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For many consumers, sushi is a relatively new phenomenon. For us, it’s been a long-time passion.

At Sushi Shop, we respect the traditions, preparation methods and flavour combinations of the classic art of sushi. We also like to create new interpretations that meet our customers’ needs for new and exciting products that respect their lifestyles and tastes. We have been part of the community for over 15 years already and are proud of our extensive line of sushi creations that consumers have come to love.

Enjoy them with chopsticks or with your fingers, add a touch of intensity and heat by adding some wasabi to your soya sauce, savour them with some green tea, sake, beer or wine and, above all, share them with the people you love.

Sushi is beautiful, delicious and good for you. Open your mind and discover our complete line of products. Sure, we know that you have your favourites, but there’s always something new to discover at Sushi Shop.

sushi burger

Sushi Burger

Sushi Shop continues to push the boundaries of its Japanese fusion concept with its newest collection of Sushi Burgers. You can choose from a selection of 5 different burgers: Tuna Tataki, Salmon Tataki, Lobster & Shrimp, Karaage Chicken or Soft Shell Crab (this one boasts an entire crispy soft-shell Crab!), all the burgers are served with a generous portion of shrimp chips freshly made in-house!

sushi shop ice cream

Sushi Shop Ice Cream

Right on time for the Summer! Two flavours available: Black sesame, which is exclusive to Sushi Shop, or vanilla for the more classic fans.

sushi burrito

Sushi Burrito

Our Sushi Burritos can be enjoyed without chopsticks and are a good option for a meal on-the-go! Filled with fresh ingredients and delicious flavors, our 5 recipes will delight you! One Sushi Burrito represents approximately 12 big pieces of Sumomaki. Try it alone or complemented by one of our appetizers!

Poke Bowl

Discover our Poke bowls, made with seasoned fish mixed with fresh ingredients on a choice of white rice, brown rice, Sushi Shop’s Crispy sticky rice or on lettuce, and topped with extremely flavourful sauces and Japanese spices. Try it, and you will love it!


A great addition with any sushi order. Try our spiced calamari salad, wakame salad, green salad, grilled salmon or tataki tuna salad.

Miso Soup

Miso Soup

A true Japanese classic. A rich soy base broth with tofu, green onion and dried wakame seaweed. Hot and comforting, it will transport you to a far away place and prepare your pallet for the sushi experience to come.


A fresh fish or seafood slice gently placed on a mound of vinegar rice. The perfect combination of fresh flavours and textures.


Slices of fresh fish or seafood served raw or cooked. Small bites that capture the freshness of the sea.


The masago is used to add flavour and colour to all sorts of sushi. Red or orange masago is very trendy and much appreciated in the Japanese cuisine. It is placed on rice and wrapped with nori.

sushi shop tartare


A generous portion of salmon, tuna or smoked salmon and salmon served with crispy wonton chips.

sushi shop tartare maki

Tartare Maki

Your choice of fresh fish or seafood, wrapped in a piece of lettuce and rice leaf, mixed with crunchy tempura, fresh cucumber, orange masago and green onion. Trust us, you’ll love this.


Small rolls containing two or three ingredients. These come in sixes and are a great accompaniment or perfect for a quick bite. Simple and delicious.

Spring Maki

Fresh fish, seafood or vegetables, rolled in lettuce and rice leaf. Served with our sesame sauce dressing. Healthy eating made delicious.


Medium sized rolls served in eight bite-sized morsels. All sorts of flavour combinations for the beginner to the expert sushi aficionado. Made fresh everyday in store by hand for your enjoyment.


Large rolls cut into five pieces. Simple as well as more complex flavour combinations. Discover them today.

sushi shop blossom


Delicious and unique combinations that will satisfy any sushi lover.

Crispy Rolls

Choice of 4 crispy rolls served with your choice of soy sauce, sesame sauce, spicy light mayo or Yin Yang sauce.

Sushi Pizza

Delicious recipes on a crispy rice and cheese crust, served with your choice of soy sauce, sesame sauce, spicy light mayo or Yin Yang sauce.


Inspired by the Japanese art form temari (te-hand, mari-ball) are prepared with distinctive ingredients, inside and our, giving each of them a unique character.


Original and sophisticated, the ingredients are pressed on a bed of sushi rice using our unique Hako press. Available in three varieties exclusive to Sushi Shop.

sushi shop ramen soup

Ramen Soup

Japanese-inspired Ramen soups by Sushi Shop. 2 unique broths served with fresh Ramen noodles, egg (1/2), green onion, bean sprouts, nori, Japanese spices and your choice of protein.

sushi shop dessert

Sushi Dessert

Exquisite. Sweet vanilla infused rice with your choice of fresh fruit, these are colourful, light & fresh tasting bites that are the perfect ending to your sushi experience. Served with chocolate sauce or maple fudge sauce. Because eating healthy also needs to be fun!

Sumomaki™ Hand Roll

The ingredients are rolled on a nori sheet to replicate a cone. Another way of eating the Sumomaki!

The best ingredients for the best sushi experience.

Sushi, by definition, is a simple combination of quality ingredients. Every chef will tell you that the fewer the ingredients in a dish, the more important the quality of each ingredient becomes. That is a challenge we love at Sushi Shop.

We work with a network of local, as well as international producers, growers and distributors to obtain fresh top quality ingredients. Our role is to ensure that all of our suppliers, here and abroad, respect our high standards that aim to insure top quality, freshness, flavour and texture for our customers.