Why Now is the Best Time to Invest in a Sushi Shop Franchise

Wildly popular and iconic sushi franchise continues its rapid rise in Canada

Sushi Shop is one of Canada’s most beloved and recognizable brands, with over 150 locations open across the country and thousands of fans who make Sushi Shop a part of their daily lives. Over the last 18 years in business, Sushi Shop has helped dozens of entrepreneurs realize their own dreams of owning a sushi restaurants that truly serve their communities, serving adventurous, high-end food at an affordable price point and providing an experience that stimulates the senses and inspires the soul.


Sushi is more popular than ever and Sushi Shop has helped bring sushi to the mainstream in Canada. When Sushi Shop first opened in the Atwater Market in Montreal in 2000, the Canadian sushi landscape was quite boring. High-end sushi restaurants catered to those in-the-know, serving the same rolls in the same traditional style. Sushi Shop sought to change all of that by providing a menu that would bring sushi to more people than ever before.


Our post-modern take on sushi and Japanese cuisine continues to appeal to consumers of all lifestyles and dietary preferences. We’re well-known for pushing the boundaries of sushi to include different cultures and flavor profiles: The Blossom™ Collection artfully shapes rolls such as our Teriyaki Salmon and Salmon Truffle into bursting petal designs. The Temari Collection literally rolls exciting flavor profiles such as Tuna Tataki and Crispy Lobster into delicious, bite-sized balls. We go even further with our Sushi Tacos featuring lobster, salmon or tuna in a crispy wonton shell, and our Sushi Burritos take traditional sushi flavor profiles and roll them in rice. The fact that Sushi Shop is able to offer such a diverse menu and prepared fresh with the finest ingredients – makes Sushi Shop a strong business model.


“We have been quite successful in Canada, and that’s because we’re not your run-of-the-mill sushi shop,” says Marc Benzacar, Senior Vice President with Sushi Shop. “We are better in terms of quality food offerings and everything about our concept is original to us. We have unique creations constructed by highly trained chefs who have been with us from the very beginning. We work every day to innovate and create things you likely won’t find anywhere else.”

You Don’t Have to be a Master Sushi Chef to franchise with Sushi Shop

Sushi is known for its delicate intricacy and its aesthetic beauty, which might explain why most Canadians go out for sushi instead of trying to make it at home. Many believe that mastering the art of sushi making takes years, but Sushi Shop does not require franchisees to have any experience in preparing sushi. Or even in the restaurant industry! In fact, the wide majority of our franchisees did not know the first thing about how to prepare sushi.


 We provide an intensive four weeks of training at one of the brand’s operating restaurants, where we teach you how to expertly prepare and serve our brand’s products. While you’re in the restaurant, you also will work in every role and learn every aspect of how to manage your Ginger Sushi business: how to take inventory, how to greet customers, and how to lead your crew. This training will help you find the confidence you need to own and run a thriving business.


 “We test all of our new franchisees before they graduate training,” says Marie-Elene, Director of Operations with Sushi Shopi. “If they pass, they can move on to focusing on their Grand Opening. If they fail, they have to attend training again. We’re very serious about training because our brand is known for artistic and complex products, as well as exceptional customer service. We have to maintain our high standards for our brand’s customers.”


In addition, you will be supported by the MTY Food Group™, one of the world’s largest franchisors, which specializes in growing restaurant concepts. As a member of the Sushi Shop franchise family, you will have access to a robust, industry-leading support network that includes extensive marketing assistance, ongoing coaching and more.


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