Throughout the month of November, Sushi Shop offers you FREE * Lemon Lemon Sparkling Lemonade can with the purchase of one of our new Bento boxes.

Made from real lemon juice, this refreshing drink will perfectly balance the comforting flavors of our boxes!

You have not experienced our Bento boxes yet? Each box offers a fun meal with distinctive new elements.

  • Our Bento Poke Bomb offers 2 Poke bites, one salmon and one tuna, a new shrimp tartare maki recipe and our new imperial roll
  • Our Grilled Chicken Bento offers our grilled chicken on rice mixed with edamame beans, orange masago and ponzu sauce for a unique new flavor profile, a new shrimp tartare maki recipe, our new imperial roll as well as a new salmon rose recipe
  • Our Vegetarian Bento offers a new combination of our vegetarian options and our new vegetable tempura side

*No monetary value. Offer may not be combined with any other sale or promotion. Valid from November 1st to 30, 2019.

7UP LEMON LEMON® – Used under licence from PepsiCo Canada ULC.