The benefits of Omega-3

sushi shop sushiIn recent year, we have heard about the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids and the importance of its daily intake. Recommended by nutritionists, these fatty acids have a major impact on the development and maintenance of our body. It will be interesting to identify the role in which it plays on our vital functions.

We are well aware of the important contribution that omega-3’s have on the development of our children, and are discovering that there is no optimal age for its consumption. At any given point in our lives, the body needs to generate and repair cells. Omega-3 acids aid in the building and assembly of cellular membranes. In order for effective and efficient interaction and exchanges with other cells, it must have a healthy membrane. This will optimize the abilities of all of our bodily functions, including healthy organs, as it all stems from the cellular level.

The brain, being the most complex, requires the most of these fatty acids. One reason is that there are an infinite number of interactions between cerebral cells. Another key reason is that the nervous system is built mainly from fatty acids. All information detected by the five senses is transmitted to the brain via the nervous system, therefore ensuring the system is well-maintained with healthy cells, will improve the brain’s ability to respond. This is result in elevated levels of alertness, of stimuli sensitivity and ultimately vitality.

The fact that our body cannot produce these Omega-3’s internally, makes it even more important to ensure that our diet includes a source of these acids. Several types of oil like flax seed, hemp and nut contain Omega-3’s. We can also consume it directly by eating nuts or foods such as seaweed and fatty fish (salmon or tuna). Take advantage of the fact that Omega-3 is a fat that we are strongly encouraged to eat!