The importance of rituals in our daily lives.

sushi shop sushiRituals have always been part of human social, religious and family life. Be it important rites of passage such as the transition from childhood to adulthood, weddings, funerals, baptism and the many other important rituals, the seasonal or annual festivities associated with moon cycles and other natural phenomenon, rituals are part of human existence in all societies.

Besides marking certain moments or times, they are also necessary to our personal well-being. Be it Thai Chi, the preparation of tea, the spinning of prayer wheels, the singing of songs or the sharing of specific foods with loved ones as well as the deceased, many Asian societies have incredibly complex and rich rituals that are part of daily life for millions of people.

At Sushi Shop, we are fascinated with the many rituals associated with the art of sushi. We believe in the importance of rituals and would like to suggest some simple rituals that we should all take time to experience and appreciate on a regular basis. Sure, sushi can be at the center of these great ideas and moments that are made to be shared with colleagues, friends and loved ones. We promise that you will feel great after these simple moments that can make life so special.

Business lunch in the park ritual 
This one is really simple. All you need is an ambassador who will be charged with picking-up sushi for the group. Then, it is as easy as finding a nice shady place in a park or on a terrace, opening a bottle of sake and reading the meeting agenda. We promise this will probably be the most effective and pleasant meeting you will have had in a long time.

Family dinner in the garden ritual
Imagine a nice warm Wednesday evening. You are leaving work and have no inspiration for tonight’s dinner. The solution is to create a picnic in your own garden or yard. Kids will love it especially if you hang and light a few lanterns. As the sun goes down, you will witness eyes lighting up and you will have the kind of great conversation with your family that only nature and time spent together in an unusual context can create. Lanterns not included but highly recommended.

Friday night romantic dinner for two ritual 
We must admit that sushi have a sensual side to them. They are unique mixtures of color, texture and flavor that really stimulate the senses and, when prepared well, elevate the soul. They are also great with champagne. Light some candles, turn on your favorite music and there you go!