Seafood lovers, are you ready? This is the most delicious time of the year!

Greatly appreciated by gourmet fans, we are reintroducing soft-shell crab to our menu! Available from September 1st and for a limited time we declined it in 3 recipes for a fancy yet affordable summer meal.

What is soft-shell crab?

Soft-shell crab is caught during molting season, when it sheds its shell and replaces it with a new one that it is still soft. During the season, from May to October, it is cooked and consumed in different regions for its tender, fresh and juicy meat.

Sushi Shop touch

Grilled, sautéed or marinated, soft-shell crab can be prepared in a variety of way. But it is rather fried that most amateurs prefer to eat it. This is precisely how we served it with our Spyder trio: Maki, Sumomaki and Poke.

Because we believe crab should be the main flavor, we’ve added just the right amount of ingredients to emphasize, not mask, its taste:

Our panko breadcrumbs for that delicate crunchiness, mango to add a sweet/savory touch, avocado because the crab goes wonderfully with its richness and our selection of spices and sauces to bring out the flavors and create a mouth-watering meal.

 How to accompany the soft-shell crab?

The good news is that rice pairs very well with crab. But since it has a fine and delicate taste, it is better to complete this festive dish with mild flavours or rich textures. Here are some of our suggestions:

Our recipes

The soft-shell crab season is short, make sure you don’t miss out on this special offer by adding our Spyder to your order.

Poke Spyder

an entire crispy soft shell crab, mango, avocado, cucumber, lettuce, tempura, orange masago, green onion, Japanese and spicy light mayo, teriyaki and ponzu sauce, Japanese spices, sesame, choice of base

Maki (8 pcs) and Sumomaki Spyder (5 pcs)

an entire crispy soft shell crab, orange masago, cucumber, spicy light mayo, sesame

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