Holidays set the table for the most wonderful moments. Whether you celebrate with your family, with friends or with your community pairs, sharing and mutual aid will be at the forefront. This moment is special for you, but so it is for our Chefs. It’s the perfect occasion for them to share with you their passion through their new creations:

-The Polar – “Express-ly” imagined for several months, this sushi platter was created to take you on a journey around a variety of flavors and textures selected from our best sellers. By including the newest items of our menu, our Chefs wanted to offer you a holiday menu that would please all you guests and set the table of your best celebrations!

sushi combo

-The Sky – For tartare lovers, this unique combo was created to celebrate how special Christmas and New Year Eve are. Offering five different ways to taste tartare so everyone can enjoy: the Sunkiss, our new Crispy Tuna and Salmon Tatare Bites, the Shrimp Tartare Maki and the Tuna and Salmon Inari. Every creation of this combo is made for you to discover the diversity of our tartare recipes.


-The Crispy Tuna and Salmon Tatare Bites – Here are two more surprise to your Holidays. As an appetizer or as a side, our Chefs wanted to tantalize your senses. Their consistency and lightness will made your meal even more special. Served as a duo, you can find them in our Polar Platter and our Sky Combo.

To celebrate with you and make you taste their holiday menu, our Chefs offer you gift cards on our social medias and free delivery Friday to Sunday on our ordering website only for December.

gift card

For your festivities with your friends, with your family or to warm you up this winter, in store or to-go, let Sushi Shop help you creating the best celebrations. From all our team, we wish you the best for holiday.

To add our new creations to your celebrations, visit your nearest location or our ordering website: