If winter is synonymous with comfort and indulgence, then summer is equally as much so for its seasonal flavors and fresh ingredients. That’s why, for this warm season, we are proposing 2 new discoveries to help you appreciate the tastes of summer to the fullest and leave you with sweet memories. 

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For those of you who follow us assiduously on our social media channels, you’ll already be familiar with this roll! The TOKYO is the winning roll of our in-house contest created by the Sushi Shop team in St-Canut. 

Torch-seared Tuna, sesame oil, steak spice, it stands out with its delicious refined flavors of truffled mayo! Fresh and light, it will please any truffle lover and any gourmet in search of discovery. 


What does truffle taste like? 

Because its taste is so unique, experts classify it in the umami category. In fact, truffles offer an explosion of flavors because they have the ability to enhance any type of bouquet.

For example, it complements neutral ingredients such as rice (think of the popular truffle risotto) and fatty, savory fish such as tuna, adding depth and a unique touch to their flavors.  

Check out our online ordering platform and indulge in this unique roll, whose ingredients give it a gourmet edge. 

Tokyo: Inside: kanikama, avocado, cucumber, spicy light mayo. Outside: tuna, Japanese mayo, truffle oil, sesame oil, black masago, green onion, torch seared. Served with soy sauce. 8 pcs

$9.95 (in-boutique & pick-up) ❙ $11.44 (delivery).  

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Sushi Tokyo, Maki, Online Order, Pick-up
Sushi Tokyo, Maki, Online Order, Pick-up


Summer also has its place for treats and what better way to enjoy it than with our VEGGIE DELUXE. Made with fresh vegetables, creamy cheese and crispy coating, it will compete with any BBQ dish. 

Whether you’re a vegetarian or a comfort food lover, there’s something for everyone: you’ll find all your favourite vegetables in this roll: a Yin side, with its crunchy coating, creamy cheese and crispy sweet potatoes define the Yang side of this roll with its contrasting flavours and textures. 

And because it combines the ingredients adored by children, we bet our new sushi will quickly become your little one’s must-have! 

It’s the go-to roll everybody will love to add to their order at family dinners! Check out our menu to complete your order with our many other delicious creations such as our Poke bowls, our Sushi burrito or our Blossom Collection

$6.95 (boutique & pickup) ❙ $7.99 (delivery) 

Veggie Deluxe: Avocado, carrot, cucumber, red bell pepper, crispy sweet potato, light cream cheese, spicy sauce, sesame. Served with a choice of light spicy mayo, soy, sesame or Yin Yang sauce. 5 pcs

Sushi Veggie Deluxe, Sumomaki, Online Order, Pick-up, Fried Sushi, Vegetarian Sushi
Sushi Veggie Deluxe, Sumomaki, Online Order, Pick-up, Fried Sushi, Vegetarian Sushi