November 6th 2019 – MTY is proud to announce the opening of its new Sushi Shop at York University in Toronto. With more than 55,000 students, York University is Canada’s third largest university.

Students will be able to recharge their batteries by choosing from a wide variety of sushi, Poke Bowls, Ramen Soup, Burrito Sushi and more. Our fast counter service and our meals, made from fresh and high-quality ingredients, are ideal for student’s active lifestyle.

With more than 155 locations in Canada, Sushi Shop plays an active role on the culinary scene in Canada. Sushi Shop fans can choose from an extensive menu with our popular Poke bowls, our latest innovations: Sushi Burger, Sushi Tacos and Sushi burrito as well as our sushi à la carte or in combos.

Sushi Shop aims to stimulate your senses and inspires your soul.

4700, Keele Street #11
Toronto, Ontario
M3J 1P3

Tel : (416) 514-0213

Opening Hours :  
Monday-Friday: 10h to 22h
Saturday-Sunday : 11h to 21h

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