Freshness is the muse behind our latest creations: Our Mango Tartares.

Pairing contrasting flavors of sweet and savory, mango and fish are a match made in heaven!

What can you expect from a bite?

  1. A refreshing taste: with its summer flavours, the mango stands out for its juicy and sweet pulp. It’s the star ingredient in our new recipes.
  2. The delicate flavour of fish:
  • Do you prefer a subtle and refreshing taste with a bittery texture? Opt for our Salmon Tartare;
  • Looking for a medium-mild flavor and a firm texture, choose our Tuna Tartare.

Newly available in our boutiques by popular demand, our sesame sauce offers distinctive flavors with assertive and nutty aromas. By adding it to our tartares, it combines the contrasting flavors of fish and mango to give a characteristic taste.

Delicious on their own but just as tasty accompanied, our tartares are served with our crispy wonton for a crunchy texture.

As a starter, bite-size, side dish or added to a salad, all our tartares offer as many flavors as there are occasions to eat them!

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