Sweet or salty? At Sushi Shop, we believe that you should never have to choose. That’s why we’ve created both sweet and savory creations, because after all, a harmony of sweet and savoury combines the best of both worlds.

Discover the flavors and personalities of our new May Menu Creations.

Sweet, exotic, fruity!

The explosion of flavours revealed by its popping pearls with real fruit juice, and its torch-seared salmon with passion fruit mayo brings an exotic and fruity side to this new creation!

Sweet Passion Blossom: torch-seared salmon with passion fruit mayo, shrimp tempura, kanikama, popping pearls, cucumber, carrot, mesclun salad, tempura, orange masago, spicy light mayo, sesame, rice leaf, served with passion fruit mayo. 5 pcs.

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Charismatic, rich and seared!

To complement the Sweet passion, the Red ruby is distinguished by the rich, adventurous character of its flavors. The trio of miso, sesame and seared tuna brings a toasty, funky and salty richness, the ultimate reference for umami flavor. Paired with our new miso sauce for a whole new experience!

Red Ruby Blossom: torch-seared tuna with sesame oil and steak spice, shrimp tempura, kanikama, cucumber, carrot, mesclun salad, tempura, orange masago, spicy light mayo, japanese spices, sesame, rice leaf, served with miso sauce. 5 pcs.

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Balanced, summery and harmonious!

Nothing says summer like a Poke bowl with fresh flavors. Popping pearls as sweet as caviar and authentic Japanese flavors are the only things that can match this sweet and savory new dish!

Passion Poke Bowl: choice of protein (salmon, tuna or salmon and tuna), popping pearls, tempura, avocado, orange masago, cucumber, lettuce, green onion, poke sauce, teriyaki and ponzu, passion fruit and light spicy mayo, Japanese spices, sesame, nori, choice of base.

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One sweet, one savoury; try our new sauces with your favourite creations.

Passion Fruit Mayo: Sweet, fruity and exotic! Pair our new mayo with your favorite sushi.

Miso Sauce: Salty, nutty and Umami! Level up your favorite creations with our new sauce.

Try our new sauces  with your favourite creations.