The new season breeze has been inspiring us, and with this, we’re welcoming in spring with some exciting new menu offerings. Discover the new wind of freshness that blew across our menu.


Your favorite creations combined in one box!

We are more than excited to complement our menu offering with our brand-new COMBOS!

Available for a limited time only, for delivery or take-out, they were created with the intention of giving you the chance to discover the diversity of our menu and to bring together your favorite items in one meal box.

Curious to know what our Combos has to offer? Here’s a little sneak peek that’ll make your mouth water.


Each of our Combo boxes offers a thematic flavour or texture in which we’ve gathered a few bites of 3 must-have creations. Combined in one dish, find your favourites and the best of our menu: variety, flavours, colours and textures.

Sushi Shop Crispy Combo & Supreme Combo


Melt-in-your mouth, crispy and comforting. In our crispy Combo, you will enjoy in all its forms, one of our most signature ingredients and one of your favourites: our crispy coating.

A secret recipe that combines ingredients such as panko and tempura, formed into a patty, a coating and crispy ball for a simple texture that offers a delicious variation of traditional sushi flavours.

This box is accompanied by soy sauce and light spicy mayo, as their taste and texture are a perfect match for the crunchy coating.

Gourmet but oh so comforting, discover our most delicious selection of crunchy bites that make up our CRISPY COMBO.

Teriyaki Bomb

Are you familiar with the hidden ingredients inside this item? Underneath the tasty coating is something even more decadent: crab, shrimp, mozzarella, spicy Japanese light mayo and teriyaki sauce. Now that’s a pleasant surprise!

Mini Sushi Pizza – Authentik

Behind the Sushi Pizza creation lies the idea of experience: discovering the different textures and temperatures of a dish. Fresh smoked salmon on a crispy rice and cheese patty, served with the sauce of your choice. Is there anything more to say other than then to savor this little treat, one bite at a time.

Dragon Eye

Perfect from the inside out! With a delicious crispy layered coating, a mixture of salmon, tilapia and kanikama cooked to perfection, it’s no wonder this is our most popular crispy maki!

CRISPY Combo: 1 Mini Sushi pizza – Authentik, Dragon Eye (5 pcs), Teriyaki Bomb (2 pcs). Boutique price & take-out: $16.95 / Delivery price: $19.49

Sushi Shop Crispy Combo
Sushi Shop Crispy Combo


They may not seem to have anything in common… but they do. Because of their flavor, innovation, and freshness, our next 3 creations have won over our fans and are among the most sought after. It’s our turn to give them a special place in our SUPREME COMBO.

From the West (Vancouver) to the South (Sushi Burrito) and with a brief exotic layover (Volcano) our trilogy is characterized by its combined flavors of international influence.

Enjoy the freshness of our Vancouver Maki, the colorful and vibrant flavors of our Sushi Burrito and the culinary innovation of our Blossom Volcano, which has made it so well renowned.

Sushi burrito Salmon & shrimp tempura

Just as tasty as our rolls, our Sushi Burrito offers a whole new culinary journey. What makes it so popular? The abundance of fresh ingredients and our popular crispy rice. While hearty, it contains fresh vegetables and fish that make it both a comforting and balanced meal.

Sushi Shop Fans love the combination of a light and crispy batter and shrimp tempura with the freshness of the salmon, avocado and cucumber. Served with the sauce of your choice for a tasty punch, our burritos are sure to satisfy any craving.

Maki Vancouver

As its name suggests, our Vancouver Maki refers to the popular city known for the freshness of its ingredients, especially its salmon. However, our maki has nothing to envy it since it also knows how to distinguish itself for its flavours and its freshness! If you’ve never given this salmon, avocado and cream cheese combo a chance, now is the time. It’s one of those food combo flavours that go hand in hand and delight every time!

Blossom Volcano

If you’re a fan of sushi, our Blossom Volcano is an absolute must-have. From our Blossom collection, it’s the torch-seared salmon topping that made it so popular. The grilled taste of the salmon brings out the fatty goodness and provides a grilled flavour that instantly melts in your mouth. Balanced with avocado, tempura, sesame and our mayo duo, our Blossom Volcano is known for its creamy, harmonious bite.

Supreme Combo: ½ Sushi burrito Salmon & shrimp tempura, Maki Vancouver (4 pcs), Mini Volcano (4 pcs). Boutique & take out price: $16.25 / Delivery price : $18.68

Want to add one of our Combos to your next order? Go to our online ordering site, locate the closest Sushi Shop boutique to you, choose your pick-up or delivery partner and treat yourself!

Sushi Shop Supreme Combo
Sushi Shop Supreme Combo


Because you loved them and are always requesting their return, our Maki Sunkiss and Deluxe Platter are now available on our menu, offered in boutique and on our delivery platforms.

Sunkiss Maki

Fans of our Chef’s Maki, Two Salmon or Salmon Poke will be delighted! Featuring similar ingredients to the previous rolls but with its own unique flavours, it’s hard to go wrong with the combination of salmon, smoked salmon, tempura and spicy light mayo. We added Japanese notes of sesame and lemon to perfect these 8 bites with a fresh and pronounced flavour.

Sunkiss Maki (8 pcs): salmon, smoked salmon, tempura, red masago, spicy light mayo, lemon, sesame. $8.95

Sushi Shop Maki Sunkiss
Sushi Shop Maki Sunkiss

Deluxe Platter

Handpicked by our Chef, the 52 pieces platter features Blossom, Crispy Rolls, Sumomaki, Tartar Maki, Maki and Hosomaki. Ideal for family dinners, appetizers with friends, or any celebration at home, our Deluxe Platter is sure to satisfy every palate and is a wonderful way to discover the diversity of our menu.

Deluxe Platter (52 pcs – Chef’s Choice): Blossom (5 pcs), Crispy Rolls (5 pcs), Sumomaki (10 pcs), Tartar Maki (8 pcs), Maki (12 pcs), Hosomaki (12 pcs).

To enjoy them, visit our website to find the opening hours of your local Sushi Shop restaurant to pick up your order for a meal at home or have it delivered without leaving the comfort of your home.


Whether it’s for indulgence, discovery or for the pleasure of sharing, our CUSTOMIZE YOUR MEAL offer allows you to complete your meal with a choice of appetizer and beverage.

Our new offers feature products from our menu, both fresh and gourmet, that will complement any meal. Depending on your mood, you can complete your meal with one of our 2 options: the basic or the deluxe.

Basic option

For something hot, you can choose between our Miso Soup, known for its rich broth flavours and comforting taste, or our Imperial Rolls, a classic of the Oriental cuisine. Served with a sweet chili sauce, their crispy exterior is as satisfying as their tasty filling.

For a fresher, protein-rich option, and simply because they’re deliciously crunchy, our edamame beans can also be a great addition to your meal.

Your choice for $3.50: 2 imperial rolls OR edamame beans OR Miso soup + beverage.

Deluxe option

Our deluxe option offers you the choice of a wakame salad, shrimp tempura or vegetable tempura.

Our tempura vegetables are to be discovered: their light and crispy coating will make you appreciate vegetables in a whole new way.

Another popular vegetarian choice that is a change from traditional salads: our nutritious and refreshing wakame salad.

Your choice for $4.50: Wakame OR 2 Shrimps tempura OR Vegetables tempura (5 pcs) + Drink

Our 2 Customize Your Meal offers are also served with a choice of beverage: bottle of water, tea, or soft drink.

Sushi Shop Customize your meal
Sushi Shop Customize your meal