This year again, Sushi Shop is offering fun new promotions for Valentine’s Day. Our new offers will be available in all Sushi Shop restaurants during the entire month of February. We promise you won’t be the only one blushing!


Let yourself be seduced by our new Chef’s Choice Love Platter. Offering 32 pieces of sushi, our platter’s composition will be the star of your romantic Valentine’s Day indulgence for 2.

Love at first sight or long-time love? Shrimp, salmon, chicken or tuna, you may already have your favourites, but our Chef will surely mesmerize you with his protein selection. As greedy in flavours as in possibilities, all our Makis (8 pcs) and Sumomaki (10 pcs) are a must try.

It’s a love affair between our Crispy Rolls (5 pcs) and our sushi fans. With their crispy coating and gourmet flavours, our Dragon Eye or Philly duo are always amongst the favourites.

Low in carbs but high in flavours, our Tartare Makis (4 pcs) will lighten up your evening. Featuring our seafood products, your taste buds will certainly be happily surprised, and you will be charmed!

Almost too beautiful to eat, it’s with finesse and flavours that our proud Blossom rolls (5 pcs) round off our elegant platter. With their unique garnish, we bet you will be crazy in love.

Chef’s Choice Love Platter 32 pieces – Blossom (5 pcs), Crispy Rolls (5 pcs), Sumomaki (10 pcs), Maki (8 pcs), Tartare Maki (4 pcs). In-store and take-out price $47.95. Delivery price $55.14.


Celebrating Valentine’s Day solo also has its charm! Our Love Combo (14 pcs) is the perfect companion for a pleasant and tasty moment.

You may have recognized it from our previous bamboo rice creations, our popular Sunkiss Maki (4 pcs) is back by demand to enjoy once more.

Our seafood lovers will enjoy our delicate and romantic Spicy Shrimp Maki (5 pcs) and our Ebi and Syake Nigiris.

The reason salmon, seafood, and avocado make a popular trio is because it brings out the exotic side of your favorite proteins. Our essential Hosomaki Avocado therefore has a place of choice to end our combo in style for a match made in heaven.

Love Combo 14 pieces – 4 Sunkiss Maki, 5 Spicy Shrimp, 3 Hosomaki Avocado, 2 Nigiri (Ebi, Syake). In-store and take-out price $14.95. Delivery price $17.19.


Valentine’s Day should can be celebrated with the entire family and rest assured, we thought of everything! Our new Kid’s Combo (9 pcs) will be a win for all big and small kids. So, go ahead and impress your entire family with our Love Platter and Kid’s Combo for a memorable evening.

To ensure a complete success, our Kid’s Combo includes sushi favourites:

They are made for each other! Shrimp and rice, our Nigiri Ebi (2 pcs) offer simple flavours featuring the freshness of each ingredient. No wonder they always rank among the most desired.

As vibrant in colour as in flavour, our Ebi Maki (4 pcs) and its mixture of shrimp, avocado, cucumber and tempura is in perfect fusion. Combined with our sweet chili sauce, children (just like grown ups!) love it!

A smarter way to get your kids to eat their greens! Our Avocado Hosomaki (3 pcs) offers a delicious option. We bet that for once, your children will have no problem finishing their meal!

Kid’s Combo 9 pieces – 4 Ebi maki, 2 Ebi nigiri, 3 Hosomaki Avocado and 1 choice between: 2 chocolate banana bombs or 1 beverage (bottled water or Oasis juice 300 ml). In-store and take-out price $7.95. Delivery price $9.14.


Is there anything more romantic than sharing a meal with a loved one in the comfort of home!? To show your love, treat yourself to an evening of romance with our online ordering services.

  1. Select your local Sushi Shop restaurant
  2. Choose your delivery or pick-up service
  3. Compose your menu with your favourite sushi and enjoy an unforgettable evening with those you love!

Less time in the kitchen, more time to say ‘’I love you’’!

A platter of new sushi creations from Sushi Shop accompanied by bubbles for Valentine's Day
A platter of new sushi creations from Sushi Shop accompanied by bubbles for Valentine's Day
A platter of new sushi creations from Sushi Shop for Valentine's Day