A magical Christmas ….

Finally, it’s time to take a break! Sushi Shop accompanies you during this festive season with our new Holiday Platter.

In search of inspiration to serve these 50 small bites? Here are some suggestions that only take a few minutes to make but still ensure a WOW effect:

  1. For a thematic happy hour, put sushi on a tray and accompany them with tartare, spring rolls, dumplings and wonton seafood canapés.
  2. A sweet and savory brunch? Make sushi the star of the meal and add viennoiseries, quiches, fruit salad and devil eggs on your menu.
  3. Between 2 festive holiday dinners, treat yourself to an Asian-themed meal and take the time to enjoy this exclusive gourmet adventure!

From Sushi Shop, we wish you Happy Holidays!

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Célébrations d'amies autour d'une table avec sushis, chandelles et verre de vin.
Image of assorted sushi on a plate.
Celebration of friends around a table with sushi, candles and glass of wine.