Sushi styles and flavors vary widely, but there is one key ingredient that gives them their yummy flavor: rice.  Sushi Shop makes you discover a new colorful alternative, for a limited time only in all its boutiques: Bamboo Rice!

What is Bamboo Rice?

Bamboo rice is a natural white grain infused with bamboo extract. It is this infusion which gives it its beautiful jade color and health benefits. The chlorophyll, found in the bamboo extract, makes this new rice option rich in vitamin B and antioxidants.

Cooked to perfection, its texture is light, fluffy and delicately sticky. We have given it a special place in our menu and have created with it as our main star, many new innovations, available in all our boutiques on August 3rd. Our Poke Rainbow (salmon, tuna or veggie option), Poke Paradise (salmon, tuna, salmon & tuna or veggie options), Maki Green Crush, Combo Bamboo featuring our new Maki Sunkiss as well as a Bamboo Rice Bowl (served in individual portion) will allow you to discover its unique flavor.

You can also order your favorite rolls and Poke Bowls by replacing white rice with our new bamboo rice!

Sushi Advice

To pair with our  light and delicate flavors and colors of our new bamboo rice, we recommend you try the Spicy Shrimp, Exotik or Dynamite roll with our new Bamboo rice !

Are you a fan of our Red Tiger and Volcano for their torch-seared salmon? You can now find the same unique taste with our new Maki Green Crush. Order them as a duo (or trio) for a takeaway or delivery meal. To find out about our online ordering services, click here.

Fresh, colorful and tasty, our Rainbow and Paradise Poke Bowls are our new summer favorites. To give a little sunshine to your meal, accompany them with our Diablo or Inferno rolls.

Back to basics! Our new Combo Bamboo features classic sushi rolls with Bamboo rice, not to mention our new Maki Sunkiss with salmon, tempura and lemon zest. To continue on a light note, pair it with our California or Cherry Blossom roll for a tasty lunch at home.

To fill up on vitamins, opt for a green trio with our Bamboo Rice Bowl, Avocado Hosomaki and Dragon Sumomaki.