It’s the most wonderful time of the year! During the holidays, routine goes out the window: we spend days in pajamas, watch movie marathons and eat Christmas Yule Log Cake for breakfast, without guilt. In short, it is the time to spoil and pamper ourselves.

And to make the most of this magical time of the year, Sushi Shop offers you a new Deluxe Platter.

Composed of Hosomaki, Maki, Sumomaki, Crispy Rolls, Tartare Maki and Blossom, it offers a range of flavors that are both delicate yet delicious. Since our platter is the Chef’s choice, it will be different with each order, a bit like unwrapping a gift and being surprised every time.

Our Deluxe Platter

Hosomaki, Maki & Sumomaki: Everyone has their favorites and yet every flavor must be experienced. Let our chefs amaze you and you may even discover a new favorite!

Crispy Rolls: It’s undoubtedly their crunchy coating that contributes to their succulent and delicious appeal!

Maki tartare: Our blend of tartare made with seafood and tempura for fresh, crunchy bites.

Blossom Collection: Our Blossoms are undoubtedly our icing on the cake! Topped with their garnish, each roll is a culinary experience.

Whatever your favorite Christmas traditions, our Deluxe Platter can personalize any occasion for a heartwarming meal experience.


Some would say that Christmas isn’t Christmas without the traditional roast turkey at the table but sometimes it can be fun experimenting with new flavors. Between larger meals, our Deluxe Platter will bring a touch of lightness to your menu.


No need to worry for the perfect canapé’s recipe! Our 52 bites are already ready to share and sure add a little extra glam.


Nothing is more appetizing than a hearty and satisfying brunch on a Sunday morning. On the savory side, sushi will bring a touch of elegance to your table.


It’s no secret that the holidays can be stressful. Avoid additional pressure by selecting a few sushi from our platter for a quick, fresh and satisfying lunch.


We rarely think about it but giving a meal as a gift is always a pleasure. Our 52 bites are the perfect meal for entertaining with friends or family (kids love our crispy sushi) for a night off from cooking.

To discover our Deluxe Platter, visit our Order Online section to find out the services provided by your boutique.

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Platter of various sushi rolls on wood board from Sushi Shop