A new season means it’s time for innovation and new experiences and discoveries! This season will be no exception, and it’s with great anticipation that we present you with the new creations that will grace our fall menu.


Looking for a culinary experience?

It’s for those who love to eat…

  • fresh salmon and tuna
  • fried avocado
  • gourmet bites
  • crispy coating
  • tasty and creamy mixes

…who will be delighted because they’ll find all these ingredients in our new innovative creation: our Monkey Brain.

Served in quarters, you’ll first note its crispy coating that reveals an interior highlighted by the freshness of the tuna or salmon, depending on your choice, as well as a tasty blend of fish and sauces meticulously chosen to harmonize the flavors.

No need for rice! The generous portion of avocado adds a creamy, comforting texture.

To get the most out of this experience, enjoy them with our trio of sauces: Japanese and lightly spiced mayo and teriyaki sauce. To balance flavours and textures, the mayonnaise duo is the perfect choice: the thick, milky texture balances the crunchy exterior of our Monkey Brain and the mild, slightly sweet flavour balances the spicy taste of the fish mixture.

They’re a treat to discover and are meant to be shared! We suggest you serve them as an appetizer and experiment with your family and friends.

Let your children discover it too, we are sure it will become a family must-have.

Monkey Brain: tuna or salmon, kanikama, Japanese and light spicy mayo, sesame and spicy sauce. Served with Japanese and light spicy mayo and teriyaki sauce. 4 pcs.

Salmon : $9.95 (boutique & pick up) ❙ $11.44 (delivery)

Tuna: $10.95 (boutique & pickup) ❙ $12.59 (delivery)

To experience it, locate your nearest Sushi Shop and order it online on our delivery and takeout platforms.

Did you know that a dining experience can be enhanced by the right beverage pairing?

Newly available in our participating Sushi Shop locations and proudly making their way onto our menu, we are excited to introduce you to our Bubble Tea offerings and their benefits:

Our BLACK TEAS with milk for a rich and comforting experience

Our GREEN TEAS with fruit juice and their explosion of fruity and refreshing flavours

Our invigorating SPECIALTIES with exotic flavors

Welcome to Bubble Tea Shop!

Whether you enjoy them on their own or with a main dish, you can now have an enhanced Sushi Shop experience with our new beverages.

You may already have your favorite flavours, but to help you in your selection, here are our recommendations. The trick is to identify the key flavors of your food and pair them with your beverage.


Our Green Teas with real fruit juice

For an ideal pairing, it’s recommended to accompany savory dishes served with soy sauce, with a sweet beverage. Here, you can choose from our selection of green teas.

Our more acidic pearl teas such as those with grapefruit, pineapple, blueberry or Sunset Passion flavors, match well with the slightly sweeter notes that you will find in several of our creations such as our Teriyaki Bombs, Exotic Sumomaki, Phoenix Blossom or our Chicken and Mango Poke Bowl.

On the other hand, our pearl teas with sweeter notes (mango, lychee, peach, passion fruit) complement the creations that are more salty or acidic. You will be able to match your plate with our Salmon and Crab Sushi Burrito , Tartare, Two Salmon Maki, Kappa Philly Hosomaki or our Dragon Eye Crispy Roll, just to name a few.

Our Black Teas with milk

Spicy dishes or those served with lightly spiced mayo are softened with a creamy beverage such as our black milk teas. While our Yin Yang tea features notes of coffee, it’s the flavors of black sugar that set our Black Sugar Milk Tea apart. For the undecided, our Original Black Tea is always an irresistible option.

For a great pairing, try enjoying it with our Diablo Blossom, Spicy Tuna Poke Bowl or one of our Tartare Makis.

Finally, take a special moment to enjoy our taro and matcha flavored SPECIALTIES. Their flavours are so unique, they deserve a sweet break!

To learn more about our pearl tea collection and Bubble Tea Shop brand, visit our website

To find out which Sushi Shop stores carry our pearl teas, visit our website



Ideal for extending the terrace season, picnics and happy hours with friends and family, our Happy Hour Platter is the ultimate appetizer and is meant to live up to your finest evening!

That’s why we’ve put together 58 small bites featuring primarily our new Deluxe Hosomaki flavors. In line with the tapas culture, they’re easy to share and are made to be enjoyed in a friendly, social and festive atmosphere.

To allow you a complete gustatory journey and a dose of discovery, we have introduced our Tokyo maki, a guaranteed festive moment!

As colorful as it is exquisite, discover our Happy Hour Platter, with flavours that will undoubtedly remind you of your most beautiful festivities.

Add it to your next take-out or delivery order to enjoy a summer menu and impress your guests.

Happy Hour Platter: 8 Tokyo, 42 Deluxe Hosomaki (Nori sheet: tempura shrimp, salmon & avocado, spicy salmon, smoked salmon & cream cheese/ Soy sheet: spicy salmon, spicy tuna, salmon & avocado) 8 Nigiri (spicy ebi, seared salmon & Japanese mayo, tuna & masago, spicy tilapia). 58 pcs.

$65 (boutique & pick up) ❙ $74.75 (delivery)

From all of us at Sushi Shop, we wish you a delicious fall!