In collaboration with PepsiCo, Sushi Shop offers you a sparkling promotion!

Carbonated water can create a multitude of interesting combinations. To make you experience them, we have paired it with our Bento Boxes featuring a range of products with varied and contrasting flavours and textures.


Sparkling water is a great way to balance a meal that is richer in (good!) healthy fat to give it a little lightness. The crunchiness of our Teriyaki Bomb and Imperial Roll, paired with the freshness of sparkling water offers the perfect balance.

Another pairing of convenience, our Tuna & Salmon Poke. As they are buttery fish, it is preferable to accompany them with a light drink, without or with little flavor to fully recognize their texture and flavour.

Other good choices with which the sparkling water would balance a meal: our Crispy Dragon Eye Roll, Tuna Sushi Taco, Sunrise Sushi Pizza, Karaage Chicken Bowl and Blossom Red Velvet.


Versatile, sparkling water matches both the most generous and delicate sushi.

With our Veggie Bento Box, we have created a delicate accord. The fine notes of our Vegetarian Wakame, Edamame and Sumomaki Salad paired with MONTELLIER offer light but refreshing flavors.

With their slightly sweet notes, Inaris go wonderfully with a drink with high mineral acidity that allows you to taste all the nuances of this bite.

Because it has a slight tangy taste, carbohydrate water is a great accompaniment to any sushi without fish. Try this marriage with our Vegetarian products; Sushi Burrito, Poke Bowl and Veggie Spring Maki and our Hosomaki Avocado.


Our savoury Grilled Chicken Bento is the perfect excuse to open a bottle of sparkling water! The creaminess of the rice and our Shrimp Tartare Maki are the perfect pair with the tangy bubbles of MONTELLIER.

For this meal, we apply the law of complement & contrast. For their contrasting texture and flavours, our grilled chicken is in perfect fusion with sparkling water, especially when we add a little spiciness (psstt … do not hesitate to decorate your plate with our Light Spicy Mayo for even more pronounced contrasts!)

Continuing on those opposite notes, our Grilled Chicken Sumomaki, Chicken Teriyaki Maki and Blossom Phoenix are also great choices.


Do you like extreme?! Make a Yin & Yang pairing with our spicy sushi! MONTELLIER will take care of refreshing your taste buds between each bite before making them dance again!

On the spicy side, these dishes have their place of choice: Diablo Poke Bowl, Spicy Salmon or Tuna Sumomaki and Blossom Diablo.

Finally, like our marinated ginger, sparkling water also has the function of cleaning the palate between each bite to enjoy the next one at its best. When in doubt, experiment and don’t hesitate to try it with your favorite sushi! Happy pairing!

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