To welcome spring, not only is Sushi Shop adding new creations to its menu, but it is also showing its colors with its new PINK RICE!

Available for a limited time, in store and take-out only, try it for free in your favorite rolls, poke bowls and combos by asking your Sushi Shop Chef to replace our white rice with pink rice.

To create fresh and colorful plates, our pink rice is perfect for :

  • Adding a touch of imagination to your appetizers
  • Organize a themed meal for Mother’s Day
  • Creating a WOW effect at a baby shower or a child’s party
  • Celebrate the arrival of spring with flavors, freshness and color!
  • During picnics, meals on the go, or family gatherings to simply diversify the dishes and take advantage of this limited offer!

Curious to learn more?


Naturally colored, our pink rice gets its pretty hue from beet powder. Despite the use of beets, our pink rice does not preserve its taste; you will find the same delicious aromas and texture of our white rice.

And since spring is the season for fresh and light meals, here are our suggestions for fresh dishes to try with our pink rice:

Sumomaki Exotik: Its name could not be more evocative! With its mix of shrimps, kanikama and mango, our maki will bring to mind tropical flavors. The added bonus: the colorful combination of mango and pink rice!

Blossom Tuna Sesame: Sesame oil has a je-ne-sais-quoi that automatically evokes the outdoor meals shares on the first sunny days of spring. Indulge in the flavours of the season by adding our Blossom Tuna Sesame to your next take-out order.

Sunkiss Maki: The newest addition to our menu! Just in time for the summer season, its two salmon flavours and lemony touch will transport you straight to warmer days!

Poke Bowls: Poke bowls are known for their fresh ingredients and variety of flavours. Perfect for a summer meal, discover our variety of flavour combinations to satisfy every palate! Don’t forget to choose our pink rice as a base!

Spicy Tuna & Mango Sushi Burrito: If we mention summer flavours and you instinctively think of juicy fruits, fresh fish, plenty of vegetables and chips…then our Spicy Tuna & Mango Sushi Burrito is YOUR perfect summer meal!

Rainbow Sumomaki: It’s hard to beat the bright hues of our Rainbow maki (add even more color with our pink rice)! And if you eat with your eyes first, we’re convinced that this salmon-tuna-avocado rainbow will also satisfy your tummy.

Take advantage of this new wind of color to experiment with these delicious new bites. To find out the opening hours and take-out services of your local restaurant, visit our website.


We couldn’t offer delicious pink rice without featuring it in 2 new combos that are sure to please kids and adults alike.

Available for delivery, in-store and take-out, they’re perfect for quick meals so you can take full advantage of the sunny days to come.

Pink Lady Combo

As its name suggests, our Pink Lady combo is elegant, with a touch of flair.

For shrimp, salmon and avocado lovers, our combo shows off its pink side with its sweet, light and refreshing flavours.

Pink Lady Combo: 4 Sunkiss Maki, 5 Spicy Shrimp Sumomaki, 3 Avocado Hosomaki, 2 Nigiri (Ebi, Syake). 14 pcs. Store & take-out price : 14.95$ / Delivery price : 17.19

Kids Combo

If our pink rice doesn’t take you back to your childhood mealtime memories, it will surely become one of your children’s most memorable snacks.

A healthy and colourful meal that combines sea proteins (shrimp), vegetables (cucumber), healthy fats (avocado) and the touch that makes sushi unique (tempura, masago, light mayo and sesame).

In addition, your kids can choose between 2 choco-banana bombs (a sure hit!), Oasis juice or Sushi Shop water.

Kids Combo: 4 Ebi maki, 2 Nigiri Ebi, 3 Hosomaki Avocado, 2 choco-banana bomb or Oasis juice 300 ml or Sushi Shop water bottle. 9mcx. Store & take out price : 7.95$ / Delivery price : $9.14


We recently added our Supreme and Crispy Combos, our Sunkiss Maki and Deluxe Platter to our menu. Have you tried them? To discover them, check out our menu.


We recently added our Supreme and Crispy Combos, our Sunkiss Maki and Deluxe Platter to our menu. Have you tried them? To discover them, check out our menu.