To celebrate the launch of our Sushi Shop retail sauces, we are offering a promotion until the end of February. For a limited time, purchase our 3 sauces for only $15.95. Our soy sauce is also sold individually on special for $3.95.

It is the perfect occasion to explore new flavors and upgrade your homemade gourmet meals. Don’t know where to start, here are our favorite ways to use them:

Our Sushi Shop Soy Sauce

Light with a hint of sweet caramel, our soy sauce offers a balance of tasty and satisfying flavors.

  • Skip the bottled stuff and use it as a healthy homemade dressing for your salad and Poke bowls.
  • Get the most of any marinade, soup, stir-fry or stew with a few drops of our soy sauce.
  • Upgrade your avocado toast game and give this foodie favorite a gourmet flair with a few drops.

Our Sushi Shop Sesame Sauce

This isn’t exactly the most inexpensive dressing in the world, but it sure does taste like the most expensive one! A signature sauce in Asian cuisine, our sesame sauce offers distinctive flavors with assertive and nutty aromas which is the perfect condiment to add major flavor.

  • Make it the star of your cold noodle dishes.
  • Plate food like a Chef by adding a few drops to your grilled vegetables.
  • For a protein lover, it is ideal to accompany chicken and salmon.
  • Want to take your Buddha Bowl to the next level?! Our sesame sauce is the secret!

Our Sushi Shop Spicy Light Mayo

Our Spicy Light Mayo is the not-so-secret ingredient behind our famous sushi rolls.

To give a little kick to your dishes and revamp your appetizers, serve it with fish tacos, crab cakes, fries or baked potatoes, on salads, sandwiches and burgers … it’s hard to beat this fabulous dressing!

All our sauces are available in our boutiques: