Whether it’s celebrations with friends, family, or colleagues, the holiday season is the time when everyone wants to share a moment and come together to celebrate the ending year and the beginning of the new one. For these moments to be as magical as they should be, it often requires a lot of organization and planning, sometimes making it challenging for everyone.

What if you let our Chefs take care of your celebrations?

Our suggestions for successful festivities:

-To please vegetarian enthusiasts: Start with imperial rolls or our Wakame salad. Choose between our vegetarian creations such as Inari, Avocado Hosomaki, Sumomaki Vegetarian (or its crispy version). Want a change? Have a try to our Poke Bowls or the Veggie Sushi Burrito. Full of flavors in every bite!

-For the indecisive guests: Let our Chefs guide you with the Omakase. Whether you choose a platter or a combo, each flavor is chosen to create harmony. Lots of options, full of surprises.

-For the ‘’apero lover”: Cheers with sushi platters for more flavors. Want a little extra? Think about adding some popcorn shrimps or our new Crispy Tuna and Salmon Tartare Bites to your selection.

-For the guests that enjoyed company: Our platter is the solution for your receptions. Big group or small group, for the most adventurous to the most selective, every creation is filled with surprise so you can be sure that everyone will enjoy.

-For those who seek lightness: Choose between our selection of Poke. Fresh, filled with light ingredients and healthy so you can satisfy their craving in no time!

-Don’t forget your little ones: Think about our fully cooked options like our Ninja Combo or our Teriyaki Chicken Maki. Enough proteins to keep them active all night long.

-For the ‘’I want something new” guests: Surprise them with our new holiday creations like our new platter ‘The Polar’, where all flavors were meticulous selected to satisfy everyone, our new combo ‘The Sky’ that will please tartare enthusiasts, or our crispy tartare bites that will bring a delightful surprise to every bite.

For 23 years, our Chefs have shared their passion for Japanese cuisine and pushed their creativity further to provide you options for your holiday menu that allow you to focus on what is important. Easy to share, easy to enjoy and healthy, our sushi creations combine creativity and festivity so you can focus on your celebration.

Go ahead and relax! Focus on the experience, engage your senses, and let us set the table for your best holidays.

To add our new creations to your celebrations, visit your nearest location or our ordering website: https://sushishop.order-online.ai/