It is with great passion that Sushi Shop created many new heart melting offers during the entire month of February which are available for Valentine’s Day in all our Sushi Shop locations.

Whether you are celebrating with your significant other, with friends or your family, enjoy one of our new combos or Blossom for a memorable Valentine’s Day night with your loved ones.

Fall in love with our new Passion Combo, which features the Red Passion, a new Blossom especially created for the occasion that will certainly seduce your taste buds.

Impress that special someone with our Fusion Combo, which includes some of your favorite rolls. This indulgent treat will keep love going!

One look at our Red Passion Blossom and you will be mesmerized by its beauty. This signature Blossom was specially created for our Valentine’s Day promotion and is also sold individually.

Passion Combo: 4 Red Passion, 2 Tartare Maki Tuna, 3 Hoso Avocado, Tempura Vegetables, Wakame.

Fusion Combo: 4 Mini Volcano, 5 Dragon Eye, 3 Hoso Avocado, 2 Imperial Rolls.

Red Passion Blossom: tuna, shrimp tempura, kanikama, green onion, red masago, poke sauce, spicy and Japanese mayo, Japanese spices, sesame.

Combine our Fusion and Passion Combos for a truly special offer at $40, because after all, love is meant to be shared with everyone.  Don’t forget to present your loyalty card when you buy these 2 combos in order to double your points!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Promotion limité. combo Fusion 14 morceaux
Promotion limité. Combo Passion 10 morceaux et entrée de légumes tempura.