More than ever, we need to take care of ourselves and continue positive lifestyle habits. With the warm weather, now is a great time to regain control and improve your physical and mental health. Here are 6 tips to implement in your routine for a healthier lifestyle!

1. Stay hydrated

Hydration is essential, our body is 80% water and during the summer season, we lose a lot of water due to the heat. Remember to keep water nearby at all times and why not add some flavour with a splash of citrus? You will quickly see the benefits of eliminating toxins, brighter skin and more.1 When you crave a drink with more flavour, come see us at the Bubble Tea Shop to taste one of our bubble teas!

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2. Meditate

We are all under a lot of stress daily and the pandemic has generated constant stress with the unknown and the loss of control. Meditation has several benefits: better stress management which helps different cognitive functions and more. We recommend starting with videos on YouTube or trying a meditation app on your phone. You can make a stop at one of our locations to regain your calm and zen thanks to our environment, our welcoming staff and our menu.

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3. Move

We can’t stress this statement enough, but physical activity has so many benefits and the summer weather offers many fun ways to be active. Whether it’s an outing by bike, kayaking, training in the park, trying paddle boarding, hiking or more. The important thing is to move at least 150 minutes a week!3

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4. Eat well

A balanced diet offers so many benefits … Sushi is definitely our favourite. It is a very nutritious and pleasant meal to eat during a lunch break at the office, on a picnic with friends or on a date night. Meals are a great time to socialize with loved ones. Our Poke Bowls are the ideal partner after your workout or shopping with its many nutrients! The best part? They can be eaten anywhere on the go! Order your favourite healthy meal now!

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5. Read

Reading is such a rewarding activity, whether in terms of knowledge or creativity, but also a good means of relaxation. Summer is a good time to read at the beach, on your patio or while you tan by the pool.

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6. Sleep well

A good night’s sleep has more impact on your daily life than you may think. We recommend turning off your electronics 1 hour before your bedtime, which makes for the perfect time to try the previous recommendation, reading.

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We wish you a beautiful summer filled with sunshine and even more fun with your loved ones! We are always there to accompany you in the beautiful moments!