Japanese people gather to drink it. Served chilled in the summer and slightly heated in the winter, sake is at the center of Japanese culture. Even today, it is perceived as legendary in Japan, as it was created as an offering to the gods and has the ability to ward off evil spirits.

The unique traits are more apparent when compared to wine and beer. Unlike wine, sake is best consumed within a short period of time after its production and its taste does not enrich with time. Unlike beer, it does not have any carbonation. Sake is delicate with a subtle taste. It is obtained through the fermentation of rice and will generally contain an alcohol content between thirteen and sixteen percent.

The aroma of sake complements the light fares of Japanese cuisine. It can be served cold, on ice, at room temperature or slightly warmed in hot water. For sushi, it is best to opt for a slightly warmed sake to better balance the temperature in the mouth. By providing a good contrast to the coolness of sushi, sake is the best companion.

Kim Crawford Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

These grapes were selected from vineyards in Marlborough’s Wairau Valley and the neighbouring Awatere Valley. Fermentations were carried out at cool temperatures and when all tanks had completed ferment they were proportionately blended, fined, stabilized and bottled. Bright, light green. Citrus and tropical fruits backed by characteristic herbaceous notes that Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is renowned for. An exuberant wine brimming with flavours of pineapple, passion fruit, stone fruit and a hint of herbaceousness. The finish is fresh, zesty and lingering. A delight with Sushi!

McWilliams Riesling – in harmony

The Riesling grape is part of the legacy of the Alsace wines since the end of the XVth century. The great Rhine Riesling is experiencing a glorious comeback. It rates high amongst gourmets and is prevalently found on tables of all food lovers.

Australian Rieslings are typically dry and elegant wines with mineral notes and a freshness that complements nicely sushi.

The Muscadet – delicious!

The Muscadet is a French wine from the region of Pays de la Loire, near Nantes, made from a single variety of grapes; the Melon de Bourgogne. The vineyards of this region offer vintage wines under several appellation such as the Muscadet Sèvre et Maine, the Muscadet Côtes-de-Grandlieu and the Muscadet Côteaux-de-la-Loire. These dry wines with floral aromas are unquestionably an excellent match with seafood and fish.

The French wine “La Sablette” Muscadet Sèvre et Maine is a dry, fruity wine, aged on its lees throughout fermentation, a technique particular to Nantes’ vineyards. This method gives to the Muscadet its fullness, roundness, freshness and complexity. Its notes of exotic fruits and citrus blend beautifully with sushi.