The best ingredients for the best sushi experience.

Sushi, by definition, is a simple combination of quality ingredients. Every chef will tell you that the fewer the ingredients in a dish, the more important the quality of each ingredient becomes. That is a challenge we love at Sushi Shop.

We work with a network of local, as well as international producers, growers and distributors to obtain fresh quality ingredients. Our role is to ensure that all of our suppliers, here and abroad, respect our high standards that aim to ensure top quality, freshness, flavour and texture for our customers.

For many consumers, sushi is a relatively new phenomenon. For Sushi Shop, it’s been a long-time passion.

At Sushi Shop, we respect the traditions, preparation methods and flavour combinations of the classic art of sushi. We also like to create new interpretations that meet our customers’ needs for new and exciting products that respect their lifestyles and tastes. We have been part of the community for over 18 years already and are proud of our extensive line of creations and other sushi fusions like our Sushi tacos, Sushi burrito, Temari Collection, Blossom Collection, Sushi Pizza, Hako and, of course, our famous Poke bowls.

Enjoy your sushi with chopsticks or with your fingers, add a touch of heat by adding some wasabi to your soy sauce, savour them with some green tea, sake, beer or wine and, above all, share them with the people you love.

Sushi is beautiful, delicious and good for you. Open your mind and discover our complete line of products. Sure, we know that you have your favourite, but there’s always something new to discover at Sushi Shop.