The Origin of Green Tea

The tea tree, or Camellia Sinensis, belongs as its name indicates to the family of camellias. The different kinds of teas are obtained mainly from the leaves of this tree. It is by treating differently the tea leaves that we obtain the green, white and black teas.

Legend has it that it was in China, under Emperor Shen Nong (2.737 BC), that green tea was first discovered. A few wild tea tree leaves flew away, taking refuge in the boiling water of the emperor, who was pleased with this discovery. The green tea then arrived in Japan during the Heian period (from 1949 to 1185) with the rise of samurais and the expansion of Buddhism. It then spread to India and the West. Today, there are more than one hundred species of green tea.

The Preparation of Green Tea

Basically, the green tea preparation procedure is the same for the majority of green teas. The preparation is based on the following criteria: the temperature of the water at the time of infusion in the teapot, the duration of the infusion, the amount of tea and the amount of water.

Some amateurs practice longer infusions to obtain more pronounced flavours. The water used, its quality and degree of hardness or softness, the duration of infusion as well as the temperature play a significant role in the taste experience. It is through these factors that we obtain the ideal flavour that will match the personal preferences of each.

Persons picking green tea plant

The Benefits of Green Tea

Known for a very long time, green tea is now at the top of the list of miracle foods to integrate into our diet.

Many people choose to replace coffee with this infusion of herbs. Several virtues are conferred on it, green tea would ward off cancer, it would have rejuvenating powers, would be an ally in weight loss, improve memory and mood, help detoxify our system and promote the rehydration of our body.

Although it is today popularized by its virtues and benefits, green tea has retained its essential role and is closely linked to culture; it allows us to offer a break, an opportunity to revitalize and if possible, to exchange with friends. Sushi Shop invites you to come and create new memories around sushi and a cup of green tea.

Sushi Shop Restaurant Saint-Apollinaire
Sushi Shop Restaurant Saint-Apollinaire
Sushi Shop Restaurant Saint-Apollinaire
Sushi Shop Restaurant Saint-Apollinaire
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Sushi Shop Restaurant Saint-Apollinaire