Myths and legends have always been part of history, but in Japan, they hold a very important place. In this archipelago, the year unfolds to the rhythm of the four seasons. Each month is accompanied by festivals, celebrations, ceremonies and customs often linked to a legend. Who has not heard of the onigiri that should be eaten under the cherry trees? Or that we can meet our soul mate by turning a corner? From the most mystical to the most Cartesian, myths have been shared over the centuries, thus building a whole art of Japanese living. Come and discover with us the 5 myths or customs that deserve being shared!

1. Sushi is an everyday food in Japan

One of the most common myths is that in Japan, sushi is a favourite dish enjoyed every day. However, in Japanese daily life, it is quite different. Indeed, there are a lot of dishes, each more appetizing than the next, and of an extreme variety. The Sushis-ya are there to offer an experience, much more formal and the very traditional side of Japanese culture. Thus, while it is quite common for the Japanese to have a fairly quick lunch of Japanese dishes, a Zen-like dinner in a gourmet “shrine” or “temple” offering sushi is usually a rare and very special occasion. Of course, there are also the neighbourhood sushi restaurants that are more casual, but every occasion to eat sushi must remain an exceptional experience!

There are mainly two types of restaurants:

  • Firstly, there is itamae (板 前), those where the chef prepares the sushi in front of you and to order.
  • Then there is Kaitenzushi (回 転 寿 し) where the customer is selecting dishes directly off revolving belts.

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2. A big bite, if not, nothing

Japan is also surrounded by a certain culinary art. Sushi being an integral part of the very identity of this archipelago, a whole range of know-how and savoir-vivre has been created around this symbolic dish. Some say they were thought to be eaten in one bite, to benefit from all the flavours. Some will tell you that if you cannot eat them in one bite, then they were made incorrectly. It is even frowned upon to cut them into smaller bites.

However, at Sushi Shop, you are free to enjoy your sushi anyway! Bite into them, dip them halfway or submerge them in soya sauce, use your hands or chopsticks, we promise, we won’t judge you! 😉

3. There is a specific order to eat sushi

Following Japanese tradition, it is encouraged to taste the sushi in a specific order to optimize pleasure. Indeed, it is advised to consume white fish first then redfish, that is to say: fish from the lightest to the fattiest. Save the more flavoured fish for last and finish with a more mild-tasting Kappa Philly sushi.

At Sushi Shop, we recommend you to follow this type of menu:

Start with tuna, then shrimp and finish with your favourite salmon rolls.

A perfect trio for guaranteed pleasure!

4. Chopsticks or fingers?

Let’s face it, sushi is traditionally eaten with the fingers. Feel free to use chopsticks if you feel uncomfortable, but if you are provided with a special hand towel, then you are supposed to eat sushi with your fingers!

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